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Hutch Display

Similar your display, our Hutch is designed as a one piece unit, which reduces material usage and prevents it from falling apart.

Here is an example photo taken at a local WalMart, where the sides of the display have been beaten up. It's not a big problem when the display is still holding the product, but great product deserves great presentation.


Our Hutch has a false bottom to prevent this from happening. 

As an option, I've included led lights in this concept to highlight the product more. The trays are also angled providing a better view from eye level.


EZ LOCK is our patented system: the pop-up base that self-assembles once it's out of the shipping box. Displays can be assembled in store while saving your money for shipments. Easy as 1,2,3!

2 Piece Top Loader Display

19 seconds

to assemble

This configuration is our in-stock display and the dies are fee of charge. Based on your product mesurements, this display will hold:


  • 6 boxes across

  • 3 boxes deep

  • 15 boxes in total


Larger in-stock trays are available to accomodate more product.

Curl Secret's best selling feature is it's automated system, where curls are no longer made manually. Short of a video, there's no real way to showcase it. Rather than relying on a customer to scan a tiny QR code, an LCD monitor inserted into the display will catch women's attention from far away. Having a video in a store will also reinforce brand recognition, even if no purchases are made.

We have implemented LDC monitors into displays before - they can be inexpensive for a short video clips. 

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